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Elopement Wedding Celebrant in Spain

Romantic and Secluded Celebration

Escape the ordinary and embark on an intimate journey with our elopement ceremonies in Spain at Costa Tropical Celebrant. For couples seeking a wedding ceremony in a romantic and secluded place, hiring destination wedding celebrant services is an ideal option for them. The elopement wedding celebrant services are crafted to transform your dreams of a private union into a reality. Whether it’s a hidden beach, a picturesque mountain peak, or a charming corner of the Spanish Riviera, your elopement can be as unique as your love story. As your elopement celebrant in Spain, Deborah Johnson, I understand that some couples prefer the simplicity and magic of exchanging vows in the presence of only each other. Our elopement ceremonies in Spain are designed to be a celebration of love that transcends traditional boundaries. Contact us  now to book an initial consultation with your escape wedding celebrant in Spain. 

Focus on the essence of your connection in a handpicked location of your choice. 


What to Expect from Your Elopement Ceremony

Escape Wedding Ceremony

Your love deserves to be celebrated on your terms, and our escape wedding celebrant services are tailored to provide just that. Imagine a ceremony that captures the intimacy of your love and the breathtaking beauty of your chosen location. With a focus on the two of you and the commitment you share, I, your elopement wedding celebrant, create a ceremony that is personal, meaningful, and free from distractions. Celebrate your dream wedding surrounded by the serenity of nature and with a friendly destination wedding celebrant by your side, who ensures every bit of your elopement ceremony in Spain unfolds just how you planned. Costa Tropical Celebrant invites you to embrace the simplicity and beauty of an Elopement Wedding Ceremony —a celebration that allows you to escape, connect, and savour the joy of your commitment in a uniquely intimate setting.

Your escape wedding celebrant is ready to craft intimate ceremonies tailored to meet your vision.

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custom wedding

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional ceremony is using Wedding Vows that have been determined by a church or a faith that you uphold. There is a beautiful weight given to these vows just like any shared prayer in a church.

mini wedding


Limited Budget? No problem! A ceremony without all the frills and extras – falls between an elopement and a traditional wedding. No more than 10-20 guests. Contact me directly for special prices.



Congratulations, you are getting married! It is never too early to start planning your dream wedding – contact me directly for no fee, no obligation chat.