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Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional ceremony is using Wedding Vows that have been determined by a church or a faith that you uphold. There is a beautiful weight given to these vows just like any shared prayer in a church. These vows are shared with your family and friends.
Traditional wedding vows do not have to be faith-based. You may find unity in vows that have been traditionally used in which you find meaning and purpose.

custom wedding

Custom Wedding Ceremony

A Custom Ceremony is more unique to you. They come straight from the heart and can be whatever you feel best to define your union. It can also mean goofy or emotional whatever suits you. You have so many options on how your Wedding Day will transpire and really anything goes. Obviously much more goes into the Writing and Designing of Custom Vows.


Traditional vs Custom Wedding Or a mix of both?

Luckily your wedding vows are not a black or white situation. You do not have to choose between one or the other but might be happy finding a good blend between the two. If your faith or traditions dictate a more formal ceremony but you have things you want to say – that is where I can help you bring the two together in a more cohesive way. Remember it is your day – say what you want I had a couple who wanted exchange personal vows at the beginning and traditional vows during the ceremony – it worked well.


Elopement | Escape Wedding

Celebrate your marriage by yourselves in your very own specially selected place.

vow renewals

Vow renewal

It is a ceremony of coming together to reaffirm those marriage vows you made to one another.  A reminder of what you mean to each other.  As the sands of time move on our life’s change, the world changes – It serves to remind you that you are still experiencing your relationship adventures.

mini wedding


Limited Budget? No problem!
A ceremony without all the frills and extra’s – fall between an elopement and traditional wedding.
No more than 10-20 guests.
Contact me directly for special prices.


You are engaged

Congratulations, you are getting married!
It is never too early to start planning your dream wedding – contact me directly for no fee, no obligation chat.



An initial deposit of 150€ will secure our agreement, the remainder is due 6 weeks prior to the Wedding Date.
All deposits are non-refundable.
Included in the price is your own framed and personalised Ceremony Certificate.

Willing to travel, any additional costs to be discussed.

  • Traditional Wedding
  • 475
  • Custom Wedding
  • 600
  • Elopement
  • 400
  • Vow renewal
  • 400
cat dog
We all love animals and 5% of the money will be donated to the Valle Verde Animal Shelter in Spain on your behalf.
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The Process



We agree on a specific time/day to talk about your vision, idea’s and thoughts for your special day.


Initial Consultation

We take this opportunity to really get to know each other and more importantly to discover how we can work together to ensure you get your dream wedding. Once agreed I will then send you a summary of our discussion along with booking and all contractual details. Along with a special questionnaire which helps me to get to know you both even better.


Secure your Date

Once you have had time to review all the details a deposit will confirm our arrangement.


Writing Vows | Shaping your Ceremony

Once a deposit has been received I begin to shape and write your special vows. We work together as team to ensure that you are happy with the progress. At this point we can make any changes or additions as necessary. It is important to remember this phase also includes any additional readings or special requirements such as hand-fasting or sands of time.


Script Sign-off

Six weeks before your ceremony we will look at any final edits and at that point final payment will be expected. We then schedule a final check-in call.


Final Check-In- Call

We are all happy with the final version and any further or final questions can be answered.


Your Wedding

Congratulations! See you on your big day 🙂



How long is the actual ceremony?

Depending on your requirements 20 mins – 1 hour.

Is the Ceremony Legal?

Although a Celebrant led-Ceremony is unique and beautiful it is not legally binding.

Do you charge for travel?

Only if the distance is over 2 hours from La Herradura, Andalucia.