Vow Renewal Celebrant in Spain

A Heartfelt Celebration

At Costa Tropical Celebrant, we believe in the enduring power of love, and our vow renewal ceremonies in Spain are heartfelt celebrations of the journey you’ve shared as a couple. This ceremony is an opportunity to come together and reaffirm the promises and vows that marked the beginning of your marital adventure. As the sands of time shift, life evolves, and the world around you changes, this ceremony serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring bond that has weathered it all. I, Deborah Johnson, your vow renewal celebrant in Spain, will craft vow renewal ceremonies to honour your unique love story. Whether you want a traditional vow renewal in Spain, a simple reaffirmation, or wish to add new dimensions to your vows, your vow renewal celebrant is here to create a ceremony that captures the essence of your enduring love for each other

Rediscover the magic of your journey together with our Vow Renewal Ceremony.

What to Expect from Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Your Devoted Celebrant

A vow renewal ceremony is a poignant celebration of the journey you have been on as a couple. Costa Tropical Celebrant invites you to rediscover the magic and meaning behind your marriage vows. As your devoted humanist celebrant in Spain, specializing in vow renewal ceremonies Spain, I work closely with you to understand some of those secrets of your relationship, weaving those unique threads into a ceremony that speaks to your shared experiences and the adventures that lie ahead. Whether you choose an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, the vow renewal ceremonies are designed to be a reflection of your love’s resilience and growth. It’s a chance to express your enduring commitment and to celebrate the bond that has deepened with time. Let us create a moment that not only reaffirms your vows but also becomes a cherished milestone in the beautiful tapestry of your shared life.

Celebrate the continuation of your love story with your Vow Renewal Celebrant in Spain, specializing in traditional vow renewal Spain.

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Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional ceremony is using Wedding Vows that have been determined by a church or a faith that you uphold. There is a beautiful weight given to these vows just like any shared prayer in a church.

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Limited Budget? No problem! A ceremony without all the frills and extras – falls between an elopement and a traditional wedding. No more than 10-20 guests. Contact me directly for special prices.



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